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Like us, our lawns need proper nutrition to be healthy.  Fertilization is how we feed the lawn.  Cool season turf grows most in the Spring and Fall.  These are the times when they need to be fed the most.  Our fertilization program uses a high-quality granular fertilizer during these periods.  In summer, the turf slows down and extra fertilization can lead to disease.  During this time, we use low nitrogen, high potassium fertilizer and bio-stimulants to spoon feed the turf.  This prevents unwanted top growth and assists with helping the turf deal with the stress of summer heat.  At overseeding a high phosphorus fertilizer is utilized to assist the new seed with root growth.  This gets the new grass off to a good start.

Weed Control

The best weed control is a healthy stand of thick, dense turf.  To assist in that goal, we provide a split application of pre-emergent herbicide starting in early spring.  The purpose of these applications is to prevent weeds from germinating.  Aside from this an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to weed control is applied.  This approach treats only the broadleaf weeds that are present.  These weeds are treated with a spot spray where only the weed location is sprayed with herbicide.  This reduces the amount of herbicide used which assists with herbicide resistance.

Lawn Maintenance

There is nothing more important for your lawn than proper mowing.  The more you mow the better it will grow.  Not only does proper mowing make the lawn look good and increase curb appeal, but it is also the single best thing you can do for a healthy lawn.  In our area the predominate turf type is tall fescue.  This turf type is called tall fescue because it likes to be mowed tall.  We recommend mowing your lawn at 4-4.5 inches, especially during the summer.  This height will assist with moisture retention which will help your turf survive our hot summers.  At TriStar Turf Services we use professional equipment to give you that perfect cut every week.  Our lawn maintenance also includes trimming, edging driveways and sidewalks, and blowing off all the clippings to leave your lawn looking great.

Lawn Aeration

This procedure is utilized to effectively loosen compacted soil.  This procedure helps control and prevent water runoff, dry spots, and certain diseases.  Aeration allows fertilizer and water better access to the grass roots. This process also helps reduce the thatch layer on the lawn.  This layer is the home to many lawn destroying pests.  We recommend aeration every year for cool season lawns.  This process will be planned for the Fall and overseeding is recommended to accompany aeration.


Overseeding is a process of applying seed to a lawn to allow the lawn to remain thick and lush.  Overseeding allows the new grass to fill in spots from natural dieback, disease, or pest damage.  Overseeding is recommended yearly in the Fall with aeration.  Aeration provides the necessary seed to soil contact for proper germination of the grass seed.  Spring overseeding is not recommended as it does not allow enough time for the new grass to mature before the hot summer weather.  At TriStar Turf Services we only use weed free grass seed.  Most of the grass seed from big box stores or feed and seed locations are less expensive.  However, their seed can contain up to 5% weed seed.  This is equivalent to approximately 625,000 weed seeds in a 50lb bag.  Our seed may cost a little more, but we do not want to introduce the potential for additional weeds in your lawn.

Lawn Renovation

Sometimes a lawn has been neglected to the point that the only option to improve the lawn is to renovate.  If your lawn is less than 40-50% viable turf or if you have been infested with grassy weeds like bermuda or dallisgrass, renovation is the best course forward.  In a renovation the current lawn is killed, the ground is prepared for seed, and seed is spread at a higher rate than overseeding.  Fertilizer and bio-stimulants are applied.  We recommend applying a preventative fungicide treatment at this time to protect the new grass from the disease present due to high amounts of water required for seed germination.  This process usually takes 8-10 weeks total and is completed in the Fall.  The first 3-4 weeks are to apply multiple rounds of herbicide to kill the existing lawn.  Then another 4-6 weeks is required for the seed to germinate and the lawn to fill in.

A La Carte

Services listed below are one-time services that can be performed in addition to the services above.

> Preventative / Curative Fungicide Treatments

> Aeration & Overseeding

> Summer Stress Applications

Service Plans

We offer three levels of service plans tailored to your specific lawn.

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