Early Spring Checklist for Your Lawn

Who’s ready for Spring? I know I am. This winter has been especially cold and snowy and I am ready to get outside and enjoy some warmer weather. Soon the birds will be chirping and the kids will be playing outside. Spring is also a critical time for your lawn. The lawn has sat dormant through all of the frost, snow, and cold weather. In early Spring it is ready to wake up and green up. Your lawn has sat all winter with little to no food. When it wakes up in the Spring it is hungry. Like a teenage boy hungry. That is why we recommend an early Spring feeding to get your lawn fed so it can begin to green up. This fertilizer application will allow your lawn to thicken up and begin preparing for the summer heat.

Do you know what else is looking forward to Spring? Weeds! As the soil warms in Spring it becomes the perfect environment for weed seed that was dropped last year to begin to germinate. This is why we recommend a spring pre-emergent as well. This application needs to be applied as the ground reaches around 50 degrees. The main weeds we are trying to prevent are grassy weeds. Things like crabgrass and goosegrass. These grassy weeds tend to germinate when the ground reaches 55 degrees. These weeds are much easier to prevent than to get rid of after they have germinated and have begun to mature

Example of goosegrass

Example of crabgrass









As you are planning for Spring and hopefully some Spring get togethers don’t you want your lawn to look great for your guests? Plan on completing the suggestions above and this will get your lawn off to a great start and looking good. If you need some help, please contact us at TriStar Turf Services. We would love to help you get your lawn looking great in 2021.

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